App Review: Windows 8 Style Task Bar for Android

This is the first Windows 8 anything for Android that is actually not only awesome looking, but functional! Play Store Link:

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  1. Alwe

    Hello there

  2. Alwe


  3. Richard Xiong

    It just freed some of the RAM the apps are using, like if you use a task
    manager to kill apps. The android task manager does not know this (as it is
    a 3rd party app). However the state of the app is still kept.

  4. Jared Busch

    interesting, cheers =)

  5. Jared Busch

    WIndows 8 Taskbar style for Android!
    App Review: Windows 8 Style Task Bar for Android

  6. UNITY3I3

    only good for tablets

  7. Miguel Angel Cadavid Parra


  8. Jared Busch

    not at all bro! This is great for any device! =)

  9. 1300l

    Look more like win 7 not 8 ;)

  10. mrnashstruck

    this is silly. can’t anyone come up with something more creative since

  11. acit starboink

    i have tis on my tablet:)

  12. Mike Salazar

    When it says killed 29 apps killed.. it just clears/resets the ram.. I do
    this on my galaxy s4 alot

  13. awkwardandannoying

    I found the icon before you asked us to look :D

  14. Cezar Constantin Cociorbă

    interesting little app

  15. adir mugrabi

    why do you call this “win 8 task bar”? actually, one of the main reasons i
    HATE win 8, is that win 8 doesn’t have this!!! this is win 7 taskbar!

  16. 0wnedson

    In the Windows 8.1 Update there will be the added function of a traditional
    task bar that Windows 8 currently does not have.

  17. zsmb

    It still doesn’t have the start menu of Windows 7 that’s shown in the video.

  18. Jack Durrant

    This is anything but Windows 8. More like Vista…

  19. sweet dreams

    oh look wow your wife is a human being, I thought you have sex with android
    in bed :D

  20. Phil Erskine

    yeah ha, I have startisback on my windows 8, it makes it usable rather than
    absolutely unusable.

  21. Soqrates Hassan

    hot wife dude looooooooool

  22. sillyunderpants

    Sounds like a Canadian accent :o

  23. Jared Busch

    Yes sir! =)

  24. HellvalleyZ

    It clears the RAM.

  25. Taalib Muhammad

    Great video. Thanks!

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