Hand Held Keyboards! Useful for Google & Android TV Boxes, oh and PCs!

These things are super handy! Get yours here: (US) http://amzn.to/19yBc3E (UK) http://amzn.to/14B7E7d

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  1. Bipul Paudel

    First comment!!!

  2. iCharlyoseayo

    Pretty cool little gadget

  3. Sean Johnson

    Would be great for not dealing w/onscreen keyboard when you have big
    sausage fingers.

  4. Jared Busch

    haha! good point!

  5. Jared Busch

    Ya I thought it was pretty neat. Not something I would find myself using
    often, but when it’s needed, it’s a useful little dodad =)

  6. Yago174

    Nice thnx for the post

  7. iCharlyoseayo

    Would it work on a ps3 or xbox?

  8. NoireMk2

    It works on ps3 . but not xbox

  9. Luis Robles

    Nice review… just the trackpad is in the middle.

  10. CyA4Tech

    is there a way for choosing the portuguese keyboard? or any other language

  11. mtechreviewer

    Android only?

  12. wwjoshdew

    Dude… I have like 5 different versions of these tiny little bluetooth
    keyboards. You literally timed this video perfectly.

  13. wwjoshdew

    And Bluetooth would be the better one, as EVERY Android device has
    bluetooth. No USB OTG cables needed.

  14. wwjoshdew

    Oh… And I hate your camera with Auto Focus… I’m totally going to get
    one some day.

  15. Jared Busch

    Bluetooth is the way to go for sure! Ya neat little gadgets, fun to use
    too! It’s the simple things in life, am I right? ;)

  16. wwjoshdew

    Of course. No adapters, no wires, and a nice little keyboard…

  17. wwjoshdew

    I should watch the whole thing and leave one longer comment… haha. At
    4:31 those could be VERY USEFUL for navigating between words, to correct
    your spelling. Rather than tapping on the screen a million times, to
    hopefully land between two letters and fix a word you messed up on. That’s
    why I enable Arrows on SwiftKey.

  18. Jared Busch

    I enable arrows on swiftkey too! haha! and yes, the auto focus is quite
    literally the reason why I switched from my DLSR to a camcorder…though
    it’s still a canon ;)

  19. Phantom Reviews

    18 comments what’s happening smoking android?

  20. VivaLaAndroid

    Shouldve tried it with an emulator! Great review tho (:

  21. Jared Busch

    gahhh, you’re right! I bet that would’ve worked perfectly!!

  22. joshyk99

    I have one of them, they are amazing!!!

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