Samsung Galaxy Gear Walkthrough

I recently had a meeting with Samsung in Vancouver Canada, to discuss the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Just a little walkthrough, unfortunately I couldn’t walk away with a review unit… =(

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  1. Gravy Skate

    First denied

  2. Lukas König

    I just bought the ssw2 and I like it very much! It is awsum :)

  3. 808wutulik

    I dont know though. Im thinking of getting. Its that or the galaxy phone
    that coning out soon

  4. Jared Busch

    I’ll be honest, I think it’s a cool device, but personally I’d wait for the
    second generation Galaxy Gear ;)

  5. walter jovany

    Thats cool but I want to know how much it cost answer me please

  6. Jared Busch

    to be honest, they never told me. I did read several times that it will be
    between $300 – $400!

  7. VGMStudios33

    Awesome video. Thanks for doing this for us

  8. Flip Jumpman

    Kinda awkward interview…

  9. Cezar Constantin Cociorbă

    I can tell you were excited but too many yeah, yes, from your side.
    constructive critisism. thanks for the video

  10. Bence Soma Sas


  11. walter jovany

    Thankyou for tellin me the prices

  12. nismofury

    Weather resistant? Wtf does that mean. Why not water resistant. When you
    say rain are you talking about a sprinkle or actual rain and downpoor. If
    so then it should be fine in a splash situatuon just not complete

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